Fizbet Wooley-log

The greatest actor that ever lived was the now departed Gormflap Belly-flute-flop. ... I think...


Dang. For a little shit, I have some mad hit points: 29

AC: 12 ... not so great.

Initiative: +5

I think I’m turning out to be a pretty good illusionist if I do say so myself.


Well, you know… I found this weird book in the woods one day and realized that when I read the words inside it some crazy stuff would happen. So I was wondering around and thought that maybe it could help our small village with the barbarians that were occasionally fucking our shit up. It did, so I left in order to find other wizards and perhaps get better at being a wizard so my Gnomish peoples don’t always got to be so scared all the time.

I did find this one spell book in this crazy temple, but there was some bad shit in there so I had to burn it. Kinda disappointed, but it seemed to evil to fuck with, so I just got rid of it.

But man, this world is full of books. So I fizbet I’ll find another one some day.

Hee Hee Ho ho!

Fizbet Wooley-log

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